SPEC Subdivisions

South Plains Electric Cooperative has long partnered with local developers and builders to grow our communities. We all are busier than ever and under more pressure to meet deadlines. We are proud to offer this real-time list of every subdivision in our service area and a very straight-forward display of the tasks to be completed. This list will keep us all on the same page while keeping our process transparent. The first five items on the list must be completed by the developer before any utility work can commence. We have employees in the field checking progress and updating the list daily. If you see something that isn’t updated, please reach out to Domingo Castilleja on our contact list. Once all of the developer’s work is done, the subdivision will move to the next spot on the Co-op’s schedule and we can let you know when you can expect the utility work to begin.

This real-time information should be useful to developers, builders, realtors and home buyers. We hope this will be another asset to the partnership between South Plains Electric Cooperative and our developers. We’ve listed our Cooperative Builder and Developer Team, with all of their contact information, if you need further assistance.

Shayla Rose
Engineer Coordinator
Office: 806.775.7839
Cell: 806.790.6405
Email: srose@SPEC.coop

Adam Eggert
Engineering Field Representative
Office: 806.775.7820
Cell: 806.577.5839
Email: aeggert@SPEC.coop

Brandon Fuqua
Underground Superintendent
Office: 806.775.7714
Cell: 806.773.7602
Email: bfuqua@SPEC.coop

Domingo Castilleja
Project Superintendent
Office: 806.775.7758
Cell: 806.632.9536
Email: dcastilleja@SPEC.coop