4th Grade Safety Resources

4th Grade Safety Resources

In lieu of in-person 4th Grade Safety Demonstrations for 2021, we encourage teachers, parents and students to take a look at the resources we have provided on this page.

Below is a video of SPEC linemen performing the popular arcing demonstration for your students to enjoy.

If you would like to watch just one section of the video at a time, click on the links below to view each section separately.

Introduction - Meet SPEC linemen, Cory and Griffin.

PPE - Learn what type of protective equipment lineman have to use to do their job safely.

How can a bird sit on a wire without being burned?

Why is it dangerous to fly a kite near power lines?

How can I climb a tree safely?

Can electricity burn my clothing?

What are the dangers of releasing mylar balloons?

Can electricity burn me?

What if I have an automobile accident and there is a downed power line?


Download and print any of the activities below and take a look at these additional safety videos.

Coloring Pages

Word Search

Crossword Puzzle

Safety Decoder Activity