Solar Energy

Is solar energy is a good option for you? As your electric cooperative, we are your source for energy and information.

Every member must sign an interconnection agreement with the Cooperative before energizing their solar panels. If your solar sales company says they can handle this for you, please understand that they cannot. You, the member, must execute this very important step directly with the Cooperative. This is a recent change in procedures, but one that ensures the safety of our line personnel. Please contact Jeff Watson to start the process.

Since interest in solar power generation is growing, we have a series of fact sheets available to help answer your questions.

Solar Energy for SPEC Members

10 Steps to Take Before Installing Solar

Questions to ask a Solar Contractor

Solar Energy FAQ

Before purchasing solar, please contact Jeff Watson at or 940-585-6277. We are happy to share information about solar and offer assistance in making decisions about whether solar is a good option for you.

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