Electric Service Installation

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A deposit is required for electric service because you will receive a month’s worth of electricity before the first bill is sent. The deposit is waived if an applicant:

  • can show a credit history in your name or a spouse’s name with another electric utility reflecting no more than two late notices in the past year.

  • can provide written notice of a person agreeing to guarantee payment. Guarantor must be a Cooperative member in good standing.

  • can show military identification.

  • is retired.

  • is disabled.

A residential deposit is $150. A commercial deposit is $350. For irrigation members, the deposit is $35 per horsepower per meter.

All deposits are refunded after 12 consecutive billings with no more than two delinquents. Accounts must be current before deposits are refunded. Interest is paid on all deposits.

Never pay a deposit by signing up for Co-op Power PrePay.


The Cooperative offers a special handbook explaining electrical service and wiring installation requirements for both overhead and underground services. Download a copy or come by any local office for a complimentary copy of this booklet before you begin any project involving your electric service.

Wiring Handbook